Russian: Pimsleur Basic

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Russian: Pimsleur Basic - CD Version


Simon and Schuster Audio


Simon and Schuster Audio Division, New York, NY



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

July, 2000



Russian: Pimsleur Basic is a language  course on four compact discs for those wishing to learn to speak and understand Russian. The program is packaged in a convenient jewelbox case and consists  of four compact discs.

ama-0671315234.gif (3626 bytes)This is an all audio course; there is no manual or workbook. Each compact disc contains two complete lessons. The lessons begin with basic Russian words and phrases such as good morning, pardon me, what is your name, and more, then move on to more challenging conversations. Each chapter's dialog is presented at the beginning and end of the chapter, then it is examined in detail during the middle of the lesson.

The key to remembering a language is to use it, and with this language course you respond frequently to Russian language dialogs presented by the narrator. Although progress with this course is slow, hour per day, the material becomes well learned and easy to remember. I could easily recall phrases from this course several weeks after learning them.

This language course is part of a complete series of Russsian language instruction by Pimsleur. It is designed so the student will learn the basics of the Russian language. The audio quality on the compact discs is good and the speakers are easy to understand. When the course has been completed, the listener should expect to be able to give standard greeetings and replies and make basic everyday conversation.

This course is not inexpensive. Although it provides a vehicle for superior retention of language lessons, it is necessary to purchase additional modules in this series to become moderately proficient in Russian, with each module costing about the same as the first. A complete course is also available, but it is very expensive for all but the most dedicated student. Therefore my objection to this course is its overall cost, not the quality of the instruction or materials. However, this is an ideal course for those wanting to get their "feet wet" in this language without being overwhelmed.

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