Jorge el Curioso

Book Review



Jorge el Curioso (Curious George)


H.A. Rey


Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

July, 2000


Curious George, the beloved childhood  story, is brought to life in this Spanish language version. This book is a translation  of the original volume in the complete series of Curious George books.

ama-0395249090.gif (3545 bytes)For  those who have never read the story (anybody ?) George is a curious little monkey. One day George spies a man in a yellow hat. The man captures George and returns to his ship with George in tow. What a surprise awaits the man in the yellow hat!

George's curiosity gets him into all kinds of (a-hem) monkey business. First he gets into trouble on the ship, then later in the big city. Trouble in the house, trouble with the local fire department and even trouble with balloons.

As this story is presented in this version as a Spanish translation, it is a perfect tool to help a child develop a basic understanding of the language. They may be already familiar with the story, but if not, will find it delightful in any language. It is also an ideal tool for an adult to improve their translation ability as they read and explain the story to their children. All of the original artwork is included with this edition and the plot is easy to follow even for those with limited comprehension of Spanish.

Jorge el Curioso is a faithful translation of the original Curious George story. It is highly entertaining, its illustrations are extremely colorful, and it is sure to be read time and time again.

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