All-Audio German

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All-Audio German (Compact  Disc Edition)


Living Language (Editor)


Living Language, A Random  House Company, New York, NY



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

July, 2000



Living Language All-Audio German is a six CD foreign language course for the beginning to intermediate German  student to improve their fluency in speaking the German language. The course is packaged in a plastic compact folding case and includes a printed Listener's  Guide.

ama-0609603973.jpg (4938 bytes)This course is designed for the student that needs to improve their ability to understand  spoken German. The program begins with the basic pronunciation of the alphabet  and progresses through words and phrases. The topical matter includes basic words and phrases, greetings, and progresses to a wide variety of situations  one is likely to encounter in everyday life. Additional notes about German culture and living are provided as you progress. Each section includes clear instructions in English to guide the student toward comprehension of that section's topic.

The Listener's Guide merely covers the words that are used in each lesson -- there is no transcript of any of the conversations. A short grammar summary is included at the back of the guide  explaining the basic mechanics of the language. Each CD is imprinted with the lessons that are on each track for easy cross-reference to the Listener's Guide.

The audio in this program is clearly recorded and the speakers are lively and entertaining. The program is laid out  so that the student can progress in a logical sequence toward mastery of the  subject matter. Dialogs are included that allow interaction with the speakers  so that the user is forced to speak German, not merely listen.

This course is perfect for those wanting to learn this language while commuting or listening in situations that  do not allow reading. The subject matter is very extensive for a course of this cost and is appropriate for any beginning or intermediate student of German. The length of the program is also ideal since the student can progress far beyond  the basics of the language.

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