Exambusters Spanish Study Cards

Book Review



Exambusters Spanish Study  Cards


Joyce Lopez-Solar


Ace Academics, Closter,  NJ



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

July, 2000



Exambusters Spanish Study Cards  provide a complete solution for studying the Spanish language prior to tests  and examinations. The cards are packaged in an attractive red and yellow box and are easy to spot on any bookshelf. The printing quality is acceptable and  easy to read, but the cards are cut from thick paper and not plastic or laminated.

ama-1881374971.gif (3483 bytes)There  are 384 numbered cards in the box, and most of the cards have question and answer  sides with one side in English and the other in Spanish. The cards are divided into four broad categories -- grammar, vocabulary, phrases, and verbs. The subject  material consists of questions one is likely to encounter on a variety of placement and aptitude tests and there are multiple questions on each card.

The grammar portion covers the basic concepts of the language such as the gender of nouns and plurals. A number of the grammar cards are dedicated to such topics are pronouns, adjectives, prepositional phrases and idioms.

The vocabulary section is not as extensive as the grammar or phrase portions, but each topic card has from 9  to 16 words related to the theme of the card. Some of the topics in this section  include clothing, food, numbers, and occupations.

There are a large number of phrases. Some of the cards provide a list of several different phrases, while others use the same phrase with a list of words to fill in the blank part of the sentence.

Near the end of the course are some  useful cards showing regular and irregular verbs. The infinitive is displayed  on the front, and on the back of the card the past, present and future tenses are given.

The deck is designed specifically  to assist in preparing for placement and aptitude tests for those that already have extensive experience with Spanish. The beginner will not get the maximum  benefit from this deck since many of the grammar concept cards go into subjects that the beginning student will not want to bother with. The phrases in this program are mostly for lodging and dining and do not go far from this theme.  Conversely, the coverage of only three verb tenses is inadequate for a complete language program.

For high school student planning to take the AP or SAT tests, this flash card deck is recommended. Travelers planning their vacation will find the vocabulary and phrase cards of some value.  This program is not highly recommended for younger or casual students of Spanish.

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