LinguaFun! Spanish

Book Review



LinguaFun! Spanish


Donald S. Rivera


Penton Overseas, Inc., Carlsbad, CA



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

July, 2000



LinguaFun! Spanish is a card game and  cassette package designed for learning Spanish the fun way. Included is a playing  card deck of 54 cards along with one cassette tape. The tape covers all of the  vocabulary in the program, and a game has been included on the second side to  reinforce what has been learned from the first side and from the playing cards.

ama-1560156023.jpg (4673 bytes)The backbone of this program is the playing card deck. At least six different games can be played, perhaps more for the imaginative. The games are all take-offs on popular card games such as Go Fish, War, Gin Rummy and Solitaire. The twist is that as part of the game, the players use words on the cards to form complete sentences in Spanish. Each player must in turn read the sentence that was created.

Although it seems that very little could be learned with only 54 cards, the reality is that thousands of sentences are easily formed. The complete English translation for each sentence is also provided on the cards as an additional aid to learning. The cards are colorful and include cartoon illustrations that capture young imaginations. The topics covered include times of the day, close relatives, common actions and numbers.

We really liked this program. The biggest problem with this program is finding enough time to play as often as the children would like to. This is a very fun and entertaining way to learn and use Spanish. Any youngster with a basic understanding of phonics will quickly adapt to using and reading the cards, and the program provides a great refresher for adults as well. This course is recommended for ages seven and up.

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