Learn In Your Car Italian

Book Review



Learn In Your Car Italian - Complete Course


Henry N. Raymond


Penton Overseas, Inc., Carlsbad, Ca.



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

April, 2000


Learn In Your Car Italian - Complete Language Course is a nine-hour program for learning Italian. The program consists of six cassette tapes and three reference dialog pamphlets packaged in a bookcase  style binder.

The program is divided into three main levels. Each level covers certain parts of the language and the levels progress in difficulty. The first level covers basic words and phrases. Directions, numbers, time of day and money are some of the topics covered. More difficult phrases and concepts begin near the end of this level.

Complete sentences are introduced in level two. A few tenses of common verbs are also demonstrated at this level including the infinitive, the past tense and plural forms of verbs. Direct and indirect object pronouns are covered near the end of this level.

Level three delves further into the various tenses of verbs. Learning these tenses is important for developing a real understanding of how the language works. Subjects such as reflexive verbs (actions done to oneself) and imperfect tenses (an undefined time that an action occurred) are covered at this level.

There are a few things I found difficult about using this course. The pace is rather rapid and I sometimes could not understand what concept was being taught without looking in the manual.

There are also some advantages to this course. It is designed for language learning in the car, so every word and phrase also has the English translation directly before or after it. The course covers most of the important principles and concepts of the language in one package. The audio quality is excellent and the speakers are lively and entertaining.

I would recommend this course to those that need to quickly develop a reasonable level of proficiency in the Italian language for vacation or business travel.

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