Oxford Color Spanish Dictionary

Book Review



Oxford Color Spanish Dictionary


Christine Lea


Oxford University Press, New York, NY



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

March, 2000


What can one say about a foreign language  dictionary? Quite a bit if it is the Oxford Color Spanish Dictionary! The dictionary is a bi-lingual Spanish-English dictionary.

This is an absolutely delightful dictionary to use compared even to much more expensive editions. Each of the words in it is highlighted in blue, with the corresponding translation in black. This makes it much easier to find the desired word. When there are multiple suffixes for a word, the suffixes are listed in the text highlighted in blue as well. The type is large enough for weak eyes to use and the typeface itself is quite legible.

It is surprising that a dictionary this size can be so complete. The rear cover claims that the dictionary contains 45,000 words and phrases. It is uncommon to find a word that has no translation in this dictionary. Continental and Latin American Spanish are both covered. An appendix in the back of the book also gives an overview of regular and irregular verb forms for both Spanish and English.

This edition is a wonderful addition to anybody 's library and an outstanding value under ten dollars.

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