Dynamic Strength

Book Review



Dynamic Strength


Harry Wong


Unique Publications, Burbank,  CA



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

March, 2000


Dynamic Strength is an exercise program  that can be used without any equipment whatsoever. The routines focus on developing muscle strength by using isometric exercises.

ama-0865680132.gif (3921 bytes)The  exercises in this system are grouped in the book by the area of the body they are meant to improve. There is a group for neck, arms, upper body , torso, pelvis  and legs. Warm-up stretching and joint loosening exercises are also included.

Each exercise begins with a description. Then the recommended number of repetitions is shown, followed by an explanation of how the routine can be varied. Finally, the author tells how the exercise helps form strength in the particular muscle group. There is a series of black and white photographs showing how each movement is to be done.

Most of the exercises in this book can be performed by anybody . Good physical conditioning is not necessary to begin this program. The exercises are primarily strength training exercises: there are no cardiovascular routines included. One advantage is that the only  equipment necessary to perform all of the exercises is a few kitchen chairs  and a short stick.

Many of the routines in this book will be entirely unfamiliar to those with no martial arts experience, so it makes an interesting addition to a well-rounded physical training program. The low price of this book makes it an outstanding value for health and fitness enthusiasts.

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