United States Navy Seals Workout Guide

Book Review



United States Navy Seals Workout Guide


Command Master Chief Dennis C. Chalker


William Morrow & Company,  New York, NY



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

March , 2000


The United States Navy Seals Workout Guide is an exercise program based on the program developed by the Seals. The  book has both text and illustrations and a colorful cover. An overview of Seal  training is provided along the way to provide accent for the program.

ama-0688158625.jpg (5084 bytes)The book is laid out into four general sections. The first includes exercises to warm up or cool down. The second section demonstrates muscle-stretching exercises. The third has the actual exercises to be performed. The last section shows how the various exercises are incorporated into the actual Seal program. A few other shorter sections cover specifics of nutrition, swimming, running and life as a Seal.

Each program element that is presented in this course shows the specific actions in black and white photographs. The  exercise is explained in the text. There is also a diagram of the human body  that shows the muscles that are affected by that particular exercise.

One of the advantages of this program is the limited amount of equipment necessary to follow the program. Some weights and a chin-up bar are about all that is required. Most of the exercises can be performed by those in average physical shape. As with any exercise program, the results are based on the individual's motivation.

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