The Official Pokemon Handbook

Book Review



The Official Pokemon Handbook


Maria S. Barbo


Scholastic, Inc. New York, NY



Reviewed By:

M. Fogg

Review Date:

March, 2000


The Official Pokemon Handbook is a card-trading book that tells you how to trade your Pokemon cards and other things about Pokemon. In the book are pictures that show you what the Pokemon look  like.

The book explains what the Pokemon are, what they do to battle, what the evolvements are, and what number they are in the Pokemon stack. The book has nice pictures and pretty colors. There is a complete list of all of the Pokemon in the back of the book.

I liked this book because it told me about Pokemon and what I wanted to learn about Pokemon. I liked the cover art, the back page art, and the map of all of the Pokemon. It has all of my favorite Pokemon in it.

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