Barron's Mastering German

Book Review



Barron's Mastering German Level  1 - CD


Barron's Educational Series



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

February, 2000


Barron's Mastering German is one of the most complete courses on the market for those seeking to  learn to speak German. The course is packaged in an attractive bookcase cover  that neatly holds all of the CD disks and the dialog booklet. The booklet is well indexed, easy to follow, and includes additional descriptive notes about  the subject material.

The lessons are presented in twelve units. Each unit begins with a basic step by step dialog, then the dialog is repeated again at normal conversational speed. Finally, a variety of drills is used to reinforce what has been learned, including pronunciation, word substitution, translation and conversation drills. Each unit is laid out in a side by side format in the book with complete English translations of each lesson.

This course is deceptive in that one will find they have learned more than they think after completing each lesson. A basic phrase will be taught, then the student will learn to use that phrase in many different situations. The type and variety of drills provide substantial reinforcement of what has been learned and rapid expansion of vocabulary. Contrasting vowel and consonant patterns are presented to improve pronunciation of the language.

This language course is not just a cute little phrasebook. Instead, it is a valuable learning tool to achieve a reasonable fluency level for those who have never spoken German before. Everything about the course is first class - packaging, printing, audio quality and course content. This course is an outstanding value.

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