Mountain Lions

An Original Online Book  By M.Fogg

Mountain lions are the largest cat family found in North America. The colors of a mountain lion are gray, brown or black. They weigh anywhere from 130 to  150 pounds. Adult males may be more than eight feet long from nose to end of tail. Its special features are its tail, claws, night vision and very good hearing.

Mountain lions are carnivorous. That means they eat meat. The favorite food  of mountain lions is deer. They also eat moose, elk, birds, sheep and other mountain lions. They obtain their prey by pouncing on them, biting, and using  their claws.

Mountain lions live in many different types of habitat in California, from deserts to humid coast range forest. They also live in brushy and rocky areas.

Mountain lion cubs are born after a gestation  period of 88 to 96 days. The number of cubs can be from one to six at a time.  The cubs each weigh about one pound. They are born with spots and without sight.  The length of time a cub stays with its parents is from one to two years.

Other interesting facts about mountain lions are that they were on earth three million years ago and the variety of animals they  eat. They are currently 1,500 to 2,000 mountain lions in Colorado alone. You  can get more information about mountain lions at