The Big Friendly Monster

An Original Fictional Story By A.Fogg

Chapter One: The B.F.M.

B.F.M. stands for big friendly monster. He doesn't talk much, and is very shy. He gets very embarrassed sometimes. One day he came to my house and I was very  surprised. I was just sitting on my porch, and then the B.F.M. came up and slapped me. I don't know why he slapped me, he just did. Then he dragged me away.

Chapter Two: Kidnapped

I had been kidnapped, and could not  believe it. The B.F.M. kept on running. He ran, and ran, and ran. After he had run for about an hour he stopped in front of a very small house. The house belonged to him.

"I wish that I had hired a decorator when I had the chance," said the B.F.M. "Let go of me," I screamed.  "Be quiet," he said. We went into his house.

"Why did you take me," I asked. "Because you didn't see me," he said, "everyone has to see me."

Chapter Three: The Nine Teeth  Stealing Monsters

Then the B.F.M. told me about these  nine teeth stealing monsters. Their names were Sweet Tooth, McCaverty, Tooth  Duller, Tooth Steeler, Tooth Muncher, Tooth Dripper, Tooth Kicker, Vane Cuter,  and Tooth Mall. They all live at the Tooth Mahall. Every night they are running  off to other states and bringing pliers with them. They are yanking teeth out of people's mouths and eating them. "They are very bad monsters," the B.F.M. whispered.

Chapter Four: That Night

That night the nine teeth steeling monsters ran off to Alaska. The B.F.M. and  I came to our senses by then so we went to the governor of Alaska. We told him that there were these nine teeth steeling monsters that were running around  Alaska and pulling people's teeth out while they were sleeping!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter Five: The Next Morning

The next morning we ate breakfast, then we went to the nine bad monsters hideout.  When we got there, all of the bad monsters were asleep. We just started kicking them and they woke up. Then I (with the governor and the B.F.M. of course) put the nine bad monsters in a cage. Then we left, came up with a plan and came back the next morning.

Chapter 6: The Next Day

We dug a hole in the ground. We threw the teeth steeling monsters out of the cage and into the hole, then walked away. We came back in about an hour, picked  up the cage, threw it into the ocean, and then went home.

The End


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